Ball Maze


The Ball Maze app is a maze app that uses an interactive ball to solve the maze. Just tilt the device to move the ball and solve the maze. Race against time or another player via paired Bluetooth devices! A great tool to pass the time and have fun for parents, couples, grandparents, kids and grand kids!


- Swipe finger left/right to increase/decrease the grid size when the maze is green
- Press, hold and release to start solving the maze (the maze will turn yellow)
- Click the on the black lower section of the screen for options menu
- Tilt device to move ball and solve the maze from the green line to the red line.

Bluetooth Setup (Android only)

- Pair the two devices together through the device bluetooth settings
- Start the game on each device and click on the blue bluetooth icon at the lower left corner of the screen
- Select "Server" on one device first and then "Client" on the other device
- The bluetooth icon will turn green once the devices are connected
- When a move is made on one device it will show up on the other device

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