Fishing Buddy


Fishing Buddy is designed to provide distance measurements in real time from your current location and storage of hot spots using GPS. Markers can be placed at designated locations by clicking on the screen, dropping a marker at the current location, or entering coordinates. Can store comments with each marker and find markers by comment. The number of markers placed is limited by the storage capacity on the device. Quick zooming to current location for rapid viewing. Can be used to measure distances and mark hot spots from anywhere.  Now with the NEW compass feature your phone can be pointed in the direction to move while tracking any marker!

To get started

There are a number of ways the Fishing Buddy app can be used, however, to get started using the most common features follow these steps. 

First, start up the app and clear any markers or trails that may be showing on the screen by pressing and holding the "ME" button at the bottom right corner of the screen and select "Clear".  The first time the screen is cleared only the trails will be cleared if there are any on the screen.  The second time the screen is cleared all the markers will be cleared.

Second, press and hold the "ME" button again to bring up the list of menu options.  Then select "Save" and type in the name of the fishing trip (ie June 2, 2017, am, Lake Tahoo).  This will prepare the Fishing Buddy app to automatically save the markers whenever a marker is dropped at the designated location.

Third, quickly press the ME button one time and a red marker will show on the screen marking your current location.  You can always quickly get your current location by pressing the ME button one time.  This will show the distances from the current location to the nearest 4 hotspot markers on the command strip at the bottom of the screen.

Fourth, mark your home base by pressing and holding any of the colored marker buttons M1 - M4.  This will drop one of the four colored markers at the current location and show the position on the screen.  It may work best to predetermine which color you want to use to mark your vehicle, camping spot or home base and then always use that color to mark your return location then use different colors to mark your fish hotspots.  Every time a hotspot marker is placed the marker will be automatically be saved.  The markers can all be shown on the screen at any time by pressing and holding anywhere on the map where there are no markers.  This will zoom in on all the markers.

Fifth, tracking can be turned on by pressing and holding the ME button and select "Follow ME".  The current location marker (red marker) will be constantly updated on the screen.  The camera will follow the red marker whenever the device changes location but camera tracking can be toggled on/off by pressing the current location lat/long coordinates on the command panel.  The coordinates will turn red if camera tracking is enabled.  This option is turned on by default whenever "Follow ME" is turned on.

Sixth, to remove a marker click on any marker or its info window and then select the "Remove" button.  This will remove the marker and automatically save the results.


- Press & Hold ME for Options Menu
- Press M1-M4 to select then click on screen to place marker
- Press & Hold M1-M4 to drop a marker at the current location
- Press & Hold anywhere on the map where there is no marker to zoom to all markers
- If Follow ME is on then pressing the current location on the status bar will make the camera track the ME marker. Press it again and turn tracking off
- Press any marker and the distance from ME to the marker will be shown
- Press the info window to add a comment or remove the marker
- Press a marker to show the distance to ME add a comment or remove the marker
- click on the colored square in the remove window to zoom to that marker
- Press & Hold the colored square in the remove window to move the marker to exact Latitude and Longitude values or to an address, etc
- Press the units in the status bar to change units
- Press the colored square on the Find Marker screen to load the markers with that color
- If ME is not set then pressing ME will place me at the current location
- If ME marker is set the distance to the 4 closest markers will be shown in the status bar distinguished by color
- If ME marker is set press ME to zoom in to the ME marker at level 1
- Press ME again to zoom in to the ME marker at level 2
- Press ME again to zoom to the closest marker
- Press ME again to zoom back to level 1

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