The JigSaw app is a puzzle activity that cuts and scrambles any image into a jigsaw puzzle and can be solved on the device.  The images can be selected from images included with the app or selected from the gallery or taken directly from the camera.  The puzzle pieces can be cut into any size grid and then solved.  Significantly increase the challenge by turning piece rotation on and with the timer feature there is a race against time.  A great way to pass the time while traveling or waiting for an event!


- Click on the thumbnail image to select images
- Press and Hold the thumbnail image for Options menu
- Quickly swipe to the Right to decrease the number of pieces during setup (when puzzle pieces are green)
- Quickly swipe to the Left to increase the number of pieces during setup (when puzzle pieces are green)
- Select an image from gallery or camera in the Options->More dialog window
- Start the puzzle by clicking on the Start buton in the Options menu or Press & Hold on the large image. 
- A black rectangle is drawn outlining the area where the pieces can be assembled
- Start the puzzle by placing one of the 4 corner pieces and in the work area.
- Toggle rotation on/off in the Options->More menu
- If rotation is "ON" then tapping a piece will rotate it by 90 degrees
- If pieces are rotated then turning rotation "OFF" will correctly orient all pieces
- Select New from the options menu to start a new puzzle

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