Measure This


The MeasureThis app gives the capability to measure area's, perimeters and distances anywhere in the world. Set way points, points of interest and comments on any marker. Can also quickly measure distances from current location or reference point. Can also store markers to be used at a later time. Markers can be moved to precise locations using an address, coordinates, current or stored locations.  With the tracking feature turned on arbitrary paths can be marked and measured.  A handy tool for your mobile device!


- Press & Hold ME for Options Menu
- Click anywhere on screen to place the ME marker
- Click anywhere on the screen to measure the distance from ME marker
- Click the ME marker to remove both markers

M1-M4 Markers:
- Press M1-M4 then click on screen to place a marker of that color
- If M1-M4 is selected click on the marker of that color to remove that marker
- Deselect M1-M4 (the buttons will not be highlighted)
- Press & Hold any marker to drag the marker around the screen
- If M1-M4 is not selected click on any marker to show the distance to the previous marker of that color
- If M1-M4 is not selected click on any marker click again on the info window to bring up 'Set Marker' window
- Click on the colored box in the 'Set Marker' window to zoom in to that marker
- Press & Hold the colored box in 'Set Marker' window to move marker to another location
- Select from menu to move the marker to another location
- The status bar will show the Area/Perimeter dimensions of M1-M4 markers arranged by color

ME and M1 Markers:
- If ME marker is set then all the M1 (green) markers will show the distance to the ME marker
- If ME marker is set then click ME to move camera to the ME location
- Press ME again to toggle between two levels of zoom

Status Bar:
- Press one of the 4 colored boxes to toggle between displaying the Area (A:) and Perimeter (P:)
- Press the units box to cycle to different units of measure
- Press the current GPS location box to toggle 'Camera Tracking' On/Off
- When the current GPS location box is dark red the camera will follow the ME marker when 'Follow Me' is on

- Deselect all the M1-M4 buttons then press & Hold ME then select FollowME to turn tracking on
- Press one of the M1-M4 marker buttons so that it is highlighted with the correct color
- Walk, drive or move the device around the perimeter of the area to measure
- A colored line will be draw on the screen to mark the area to measure.
- The Area and Perimeter will be shown in the green block in the statusbar
- Press M1-M4 to toggle the tracking on/off
- Press the FollowMe button again to turn off or press the current location on the status bar to turn off tracking.

- Press & Hold M1 or M2 to drop a marker at the current location
- If M1-M4 buttons are not highlighted Press & Hold anywhere on the map to zoom to all markers
- Press M1-M4 then Press & Hold anywhere on the map to zoom to all markers of that color

- The 'Show Area' and 'Show Lines' checkboxes will be saved along with the marker information for each item in the list.

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